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a tiny variation changes everything

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ok so the retail company i work for has an online shop and we stock the 1975s st album but no other albums from bands i like and i find that pretty weird because like the 1975 are way more ‘obscure’ than like blink for goodness sakes i should be on the buying team for music jeeze

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bitchin’ ginger sideburns.

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I cringe just looking at back of the elbow tattoos. This person is such a badass.

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hell yeah i dug an almost perfectly round ring and in like 4 months there’ll be FLOWERS YEAH MAN DAFFYDILS AND TOOLIPS AND MORE

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I’ve nearly finished planting my flower bulbs woohoo the daffodils and both the white and purple tulips are in, I’m just waiting on the anemones and ranunculs cause you gotta soak them in water for a few hours.

I’m so excited but like nothings gonna happen until like August lol

And also in early spring I’m gonna plant some sunflowers and it’s all gonna be suPER AWESOME I can’t wait

It took me ages to dig the hole for them though cause it had to be a circle and like man alive it’s hard to dig a good circle

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I’m gonna plant my flower bulb today! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the weather too cool down, tulips don’t really like the warmth when you plant them. wooo i’m gonna get all dirty

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